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National Federation of the Blind of Colorado (NFBCO)

Local Numbers

We want to thank all of our Newsline subscribers for your continuing use of our service.  For both your and our convenience we have issued new local numbers for Newsline, so that you no longer have to use the 8 8 8 number.  The use of these numbers will cost you nothing * and will save us valuable dollars in running the Newsline program.

 Currently our annual bill is ten thousand dollars to run the phones, but if we use the below numbers this number should drop to two to three thousand dollars a year.  This will free up funds for potentially adding new newspapers to the system and promoting Newsline.  Please consider using these numbers, and if you have any issues or concerns please contact Lorinda Riddle at 303-778-1130 ext. 236  or by e-mail at

. Please be sure to check your phone bill to ensure that the dialing of your related area number is indeed considered a local call for you.  Additionally please remember that a call on a cell phone during peak minutes will still count as peak minutes regardless of the nature of the call. 

 Pueblo: 719-404-3206

 Colorado Springs: 719-302-2379

 Northern Colorado: 970-372-1152

 Denver and related area codes: 303-552-5797

 Thank you for helping us keep our costs down!