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National Federation of the Blind of Colorado (NFBCO)

 NFBCO Raffle

   Cash Prizes Totaling $4,000!

1st Prize: $2,500

2nd Prize: $1,000

3rd Prize: $500

  Congratulations to Marlene Basta, Bryan Schulz, and Marianne Nelson!
Winners in the 2016 Amazing Colorado Raffle!
If you are interested in purchasing a ticket(s) for the 2017 Raffle
please contact Lorinda Riddle at 720-384-5871
or Lisa Bonderson at 303-564-6534.
The 2017 drawing will be held on October 28, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. at the Fort Collins Hilton at 425 West Prospect Road, Fort Collins, Colorado 80526.


This raffle is registered with the Colorado Secretary of State
and fully complies with all state regulations. 
NFBCO Raffle License NO. 2017-12240.



 1.     Does the winner need to be present at the drawing?   No. As long as we have your contact information – your prize will be mailed to you.

2.     What information is needed from the person buying a ticket?  Every ticket needs to have the person’s name, complete mailing address and contact phone number printed clearly. 

3.     How much are the tickets?   The price is: one ticket for $10 or three tickets for $20.

4.     How will the cash prizes be disbursed?  The cash prizes will be awarded in checks from the NFBCO Raffle bank account.